Installing Jekyll

Install Ruby & Ruby Gems

  • Download Ruby Installer
  • Install Ruby
    • Make sure “Add Ruby executables to your PATH” is checked
  • Install RubyGems
    • Run gem install rubygems-update

Install Jekyll

  • Install Jekyll
    • Run gem install jekyll
  • Install bundler
    • Run gem install bundler

Creating first Jekyll project

  • Create a new directory named my-jekyll-projects
    • Runmkdir my-jekyll-projects (recommended on /home/ dir for linux or D:\ for windows)
  • Navigate into it
    • Run cd my-jekyll-projects
  • Create your first jekyll project
    • Run jekyll new first-project
  • Change directory to first-project
    • Run cd first-project
  • Publish it
    • Run jekyll serve

Note: realtime changes are parsed, no need to restart jekyll if changes were made within file contents

Note: if _config.yml is changed, jekyll must be restarted

Lazy Coder version

  • Download Ruby Installer
    • Make sure “Add Ruby executables to your PATH” is checked
  • Run the following commands:
    gem install rubygems-update jekyll bundler
    mkdir my-jekyll-projects
    cd my-jekyll-projects
    jekyll new first-project
    cd first-project
    jekyll serve
  • Browse to http://localhost:4000